Productivity Tips for the Office

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A famous quote by Muhammad Ali I like to apply to my daily life is, “Don’t count down the days, but make every day count.” Many of us are so zoned in towards a goal, or vacation time, that we lose sight of the present day. When your hours are constructed wisely, you can actually get [...]

Managing a Marriage and a Business

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You’re chasing your dreams and doing so successfully. Just one problem, you might be neglecting your marriage without even realizing it. As men, we bury ourselves into work, all to provide. But sometimes what your family may be missing is valuable bonding time. Thomas Fallarino, family man and founder of Empire Legal Reporting and Empire Executive Offices, offers some [...]

Choosing A Court Reprting Agency

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One might ask what benefits a lawyer has when using a court reporting agency. Well, Court Reporting as well as other litigation services are necessary tools for Attorneys. So the question is not whether they should use them but rather if they utilize the right tools for the job. As with any profession, there are sharp [...]