Choosing A Court Reprting Agency

//Choosing A Court Reprting Agency

Choosing A Court Reprting Agency

One might ask what benefits a lawyer has when using a court reporting agency. Well, Court Reporting as well as other litigation services are necessary tools for Attorneys.

So the question is not whether they should use them but rather if they utilize the right tools for the job. As with any profession, there are sharp tools that get jobs done fast and effectively, or dull ones that make the work take longer with headaches.  So for those Attorneys that value their time and thus the efficiency in which things get done, they might be more likely to judge their implements on such qualities as proficiency over price. A good example of this would be Digital Court Reporters versus Steno Court Reporters. Digital Court Reporters lack the training and certifications as well as the fact that their work product is not HIPPA compliant.  Steno Court Reporters are trained; certified and HIPPA compliant. So for those Attorneys that either are meticulous about how their work product is handled, or may want to prevent future headaches down the road with compliancy issues, they most likely would be prudent in choosing to use a Steno Court Reporter to avoid any of the aforementioned headaches.

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