Key Factors for the Perfect Meeting Room

Working from home, or always being on the move has great advantages. What happens when you need to meet new clients or have meetings though? I’m sure you wouldn’t want strangers knowing your home address, and having a meeting at a shop can seem unprofessional. Good news is, you can always book a conference room for these meetings. Though there are many services that provide conference rooms, you have to be attentive to the key factors that’ll make or break a conference room. By being more aware of these key factors, you’ll be able to choose the perfect conference room for you, your business, and your clients!

Comfortable Seats

Meetings usually take quite some time out of your day, if not the whole day. That is why having comfortable seating at your ideal meeting/conference room is extremely important. Make sure the seating has a decent amount of cushioning and back support, as this will help your client remain focused on the topic at hand, instead of squirming in their seat counting the minutes for the meeting to end. Also, keep in mind, you should arrive earlier to check out the room, make sure the seats are adjusted to your liking and familiarize yourself with the room. This way, it’ll seem that you use the conference/meeting room regularly and leaves a lasting impression on your guests/clients.

Right Supplies

The last thing you want to happen in your meeting is not having the appropriate supplies/tools available to get what you need to get done, DONE! That’s why you need to ensure that whomever is providing the meeting room service to you, is prepared for any business needs. From copy machine to pens, from a high quality speaker phone to a TV screen for presentations, these basic essentials are a MUST! Also ensure that high speed internet is available and as always, remember to familiarize yourself with the equipment available.

Empire Executive Offices’ Park conference room provides the correct amount of lighting for comfort and productivity!


It has been proven that many factors include productivity in a work environment, especially meetings! The atmosphere of the location must be top of the line, as this is the first thing people notice when attending your meeting. Many factors influence the atmosphere of a conference room including:

  1. Sufficient Lighting – It’s very important to make sure there is sufficient lighting in your meeting room. A dark room doesn’t scream “WELCOME!”, instead it’ll have me worried for my life. Make sure there’s windows and a reasonable amount of lights inside. Check if the lights can be dimmed, if drapes can be adjusted for presentations, and make sure there are no busted light bulbs.
  2. Ideal Temperature – It has been proven that the ideal temperature to have while holding a meeting/conference is a temperature of approximately 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius). This way you ensure no one is too preoccupied squirming around to either stay warm or find a breeze of air and not sweat. Either way, make sure the room isn’t an unbearable temperature.
  3. Friendly Staff – Feeling welcomed can definitely change things around with your clients, business partners, investors, etc. Make sure the venue has friendly staff that is there for any questions, administrative assistance, or technical difficulties you may have. Just one smile can spread like a virus, and having a smiley, happy receptionist available during your meeting will have all of your guests smiling as soon as they walk in!

Having the atmosphere detailed above, you can ensure your guests, whomever they may be, feel welcomed, relaxed, and comfortable! In business, love, and many other things, first impressions are everything. Booking a conference room that’ll help you make good impressions right off the bat, is the key to your success and entrepreneurial strategy.

Luckily, Empire Executive Offices has all of these key factors and more! With state-of-the-art meeting rooms that are fully furnished, friendly and helpful receptionists, high speed Wi-Fi access, and VOIP Polycom speaker phone, to name a few, makes Empire meeting rooms perfect for meetings that wish to impress. Give us a call today to find out more information, and always remember:

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” – Andrew Grant

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