Managing a Marriage and a Business

Managing a Marriage and a Business

You’re chasing your dreams and doing so successfully. Just one problem, you might be neglecting your marriage without even realizing it. As men, we bury ourselves into work, all to provide. But sometimes what your family may be missing is valuable bonding time. Thomas Fallarino, family man and founder of Empire Legal Reporting and Empire Executive Offices, offers some advice on how to find balance.

1. Leave work at the door

We’ve all heard our mothers say “Leave your attitude at the door”, and now in our adult life, the same goes for work. Learn to separate business from home. Of course, there are always the exceptions for situations that need an immediate response, but most of the time, it can wait. We have a hard enough time getting our teenagers to put down their cell phones, so let’s lead by example.

2. One date a week

Pick a Friday or Saturday night and dedicate that night alone to the recurring ‘date night’. If it helps, think of it as a weekly meeting that you CAN NOT miss no matter what. When you have a plan, it won’t be hard to say no to when work tries to suck you in. Having this time with your significant other, away from the kids, will allow you to reconnect and communicate better.

3. Set limits

Boundaries at work is a win-win. By having these guidelines set in place, you will allow room for more focused tasks, instead of time wasters. Create a to-do list every afternoon for the following day to set a plan in motion. Getting the prioritized tasks finished and checked off the list will have you less stressed at home.

4. Manage the errands

Take into consideration cutting down on some time-consuming chores. Simple things like having pick up and drop off dry cleaning, ordering house hold items online, and hiring a cleaning service, will help with creating more time for the family.


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so start planning your time management now!

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