Pro’s and Con’s of Executive Office Space

The Pros and Cons of an Executive Office Suite

After a while, you may find that your business can no longer grow from the inside of your home. Whether it be distractions, space, or lack of office tools, you’re finally ready to have a company address. Now you have to decide between going with a traditional office space or executive office space. Below we’ve done all the gathering of information for you, and put in bullets the pros and cons of choosing an executive suite.


  • Luxury! Most executive suites are modern style and up-to-date with the newest furniture and stylish lounge areas. This saves you the headache of decorating and moving.
  • Time is Money – save your time on more important things rather than of setting up your office with needed services and move into an office that is ready to go
  • Fully staffed and bilingual professionals are also a bonus. Most will have front desk receptionists to screen calls, sort mail, and greet guests.
  • Other business owners also occupy the same building, which creates a great opportunity to network and share ideas.
  • Access to conference rooms at numerous locations to setup meetings and appointments.
  • Location! These usually are in busy areas, which means you get your pick of delicious places to eat on lunch breaks. And of course, also the convenience of having courthouses and other government buildings within walking distance.
  • Having a view. Small details like windows and lighting has shown to have an effect on productivity increases.
  • How about that struggle to make it past the 2 o’clock crash? A mid-day workout has been proven to not only increase creativity, but also boost your energy. Having a fitness center in the same building as the office makes it convenient to indulge in a quick exercise, and makes that New Year’s resolution to hit the gym a little bit easier.
  • Bills. Executive Offices provide only one bill for all the services you need for your business. Way better than having multiple bills to keep track of and vendors to deal with.
  • Executive offices provide management services, they will take care of any issue that may arise from Phones, internet, Administrative work… you name it.
  • Usually the luxury Executive office spaces will provide Soundproofing in the offices. The cheaper spaces will not.
  • Flexibility in terms compared to traditional space and some executive offices will provide temporary space if you need more time to build out your new space.
  • If you’re not going through a broker then you won’t have to pay any commissions.


  • While some may view the fully furnished option as extremely accommodating, others who have an eye for interior decorating may prefer to design their own space. Which you won’t be able to do, as far as bringing in your own furniture. However, wall hangings and welcoming rugs are acceptable additions.
  • In an executive office suite, sharing is caring. There are other tenants who occupy the same common grounds as you.
  • Individual suites. Some executive offices don’t offer individual suites (offices grouped together within one door) most of the time they offer individual offices
  • Usually with traditional office space you have to go through a broker and pay a commission

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Jennafer A. Belabin Regional Manager of Empire Executive

Empire Executive Offices has locations in Downtown Fort Lauderdale as well as North Miami. We offer luxury office space. conference rooms, day rooms, and virtual offices.


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Doug, partner at Empire Legal Reporting, is in charge of business development. We specialize in assisting local firms save time and money on their legal services.


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Thomas is the founder & president of both Empire Legal Reporting as well as Empire Executive Offices. ELR is a court reporting agency, while EEO is a luxury office suite offering conference rooms,, office space, and virtual offices.