Productivity tips for the office

//Productivity tips for the office

Productivity tips for the office


A famous quote by Muhammad Ali I like to apply to my daily life is, “Don’t count down the days, but make every day count.” Many of us are so zoned in towards a goal, or vacation time, that we lose sight of the present day. When your hours are constructed wisely, you can actually get more done in less time than it usually takes. Below are a few tips to help you execute.

Be the early bird

Waking up to start my day while others are still sleeping gives me a huge motivation boost. Taking advantage of being productive and knowing people are lying in bed literally makes you feel like you’re already one step ahead of everyone else-and you are. It allows time for meditation and exercise with little distractions. Rising early sets a positive tone, and I feel more energized throughout the day.

Set Goals

Every afternoon, I prepare my to-do list for the following work day. This helps me wake up in the morning with specific goals in mind. I drive to the office knowing exactly what plan I am preparing to execute. Focusing on one task at a time is crucial, otherwise distractions happen when bouncing around between different projects. Multitasking is never a good idea, and while you may feel like you’re working smarter, it’s actually counterproductive.  Give yourself a deadline, and reward yourself once that is met. This will keep you going and allow proper time management to be set in place.

Email times

A trick that has helped me is this; look at your emails first thing, answer the ones that need immediate responses, and don’t look at your inbox again until your first goal is completed. Many times we get flooded with multiple tasks from opening up emails and thinking we have the time to service the request right away, but this only puts off the tasks at hand, further delaying projects.

Work vibes

Your work environment could make all the difference. Lighting, furniture, and views all play an effect on your perspective while getting work done. If the office doesn’t have different areas for you to bounce around in, try working from a coffee shop one day to change up scenery. Even adding a new desk decoration or rearranging items could be the feng shui you need to find rejuvenated energy.

During the week it’s easy to get carried away living for Friday, but remember to make every day count. Take breaks when your body is telling you to, stretch, and tackle tasks with full force.

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