Public Relation Packages

Do you want to speed up your company’s growth? Our in house PR and Social Media services are designed to build your brand across a range of media platforms. Advertising is a key part of making any business grow, but it can be expensive, and there are other ways of getting exposure through media outlets with the help of a publicist. Along with working to secure placement in press, we are also offering social media management. Social media is becoming the trendiest way to bring in new clients, however not every business owner has the time to dedicate towards postings and outreach. Allow us to strategize a plan, designed specifically for your brand’s goals.

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·    Blogging

·    Brand Biographies

·    Broadcast Media Outlets

·    Content Creation

·    Digital Media Outlets

·    Event Coordination

·    Event Planning

·    Media Alerts

·    Media Placement

·    Media Relations

·    Newsletters

·    Press Releases

·    Print Media Outlets

·    Social Media Management

·    Craigslist postings