Meeting Rooms vs Conference Rooms

Were you ever unsure whether you needed a meeting room or a conference room? Or maybe you didn’t know  that you should be choosing one over the other in the first place. It seems that the difference between them isn’t much, but there a few differences that determine which is which.

The definition of meeting is an assembly of people for discussion or entertainment. Meetings can be called randomly and wherever there’s space available. As a result, meeting rooms are more on the informal side. They’re are much smaller than conference rooms too. These rooms typically fit only four people. Also, they are usually furnished with chairs only and possibly even a white board or projector, but that’s about it. Examples of meeting rooms would be Empire Executive Offices’ FRONT and YORK meeting rooms at our Miami location. Take a look here!

In contrast, a formal meeting for discussion would be a conference. Conference rooms are used when a gathering is formal, containing an agenda/planned program. To add, they have more furnishings and amenities available for your important conference. These furnishings can include bookcases, VOIP phone systems, video conferencing capabilities, and much more amenities. To emphasize, conference rooms are much larger than meeting rooms, as stated earlier. Examples of conference rooms would be Empire’s ROCKEFELLER conference room, LIBERTY conference room, or even our COLUMBUS conference room. Click here to see pricing, availability, and different kinds of conference rooms available!

Don’t fret anymore! Now that you know the small differences, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. Check out both of Empire Executive Offices’ meeting and conference room locations and book your room today!