Must Have Office Space Amenities

Everyone wants to feel relaxed and comfortable, even at work. On average, American workers spend an average of 47 hours a week. This is currently one of the highest amount of hours in the world. So what can your office space do for you to optimize your productivity despite the many hours you spend at work? According to FORBES, both employees and tenants like having different amenities in their work-space. I mean, who doesn’t! Below are some amenities that are a MUST to ensure you’re productivity isn’t affected by poor office space conditions.

Lounge Areas

During the work day, everyone at some point needs a little break from their desk. Especially when your eyes have become a rectangle from staring at your computer for hours!
Lounge areas should be especially present to accommodate these mini breaks, and can’t forget lunch breaks. Employees and business owners prefer having coffee and tea stations, a television, and comfortable seating to relax, socialize and connect throughout the day.

So next time you feel the mid-day crash creeping up, make sure your office space has coffee brewing. Time to go grab a good old fashion Cup O’ Joe!

Fitness Center & In-building/Ample Parking

Being stuck at the office all day can impact your mental state and let’s not forget, your physical state. It’s important to have a fitness center available to continue your workout regime or begin a workout regime. Some business people get caught up with their work sometimes and may not have a gym to go to. Luckily, if your office space provides this awesome amenity, no one will have to continue with their stagnant lifestyle. Coworkers and office neighbors can motivate each other and even build friendships along the way. Who wouldn’t like working in a friendly environment where everyone gets along!

On top of a fitness center, a must have amenity would be in-building/free & ample parking. No one likes driving around a parking lot waiting to find the next person leaving. Time is money and in this case, it’s especially true. You need to be able to come and go as you please without the fear of losing the parking space that took you a while to even find in the first place. Also, it doesn’t make sense for you to have to pay for parking when you’re already part of your office space family!

Looks and Feels like a 5-Star Hotel!

Overall, you’d want your office space to be designed and staffed as if it were a 5-star hotel. What exactly do we mean by that? It’s simple! You want the design to embody luxury, even if you aren’t located in a luxurious area. With correct and accurate budgeting, your office space can make become a place that no one would want to ever leave! This can not only impress your clients, but increase your revenue as well. It’s of utmost priority to make sure you “Wow” your clients, and what better way with top of the line office space amenities.

Lastly, it’s important for your office space to hire amazing staff to go along with the beautiful office space. Reception should provide outstanding customer service, administrative support, and be very amicable. The maintenance crew should definitely be readily available for anything that may present itself (light bulb going out, a/c issues, electrical, etc). And can’t forget about the IT department.

Just like Empire Executive Offices, with these amenities, your ideal office space should contain the above amenities (if not more)! CLICK HERE if you’d like to view FORBES article on Office Amenities.

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