Searching Office Spaces? Consider Building Classifications

Searching Office Spaces? Consider Building Classifications

When you’re thinking about leasing an office space, there are many considerations to also keep in mind. One of those considerations would be the “classification” of the building that your potential new office is located in. Most times, office buildings are classified into one of the following: Class A, Class B, Class C.  Below are the overall characteristics of each:

Class A Buildings

Class A buildings typically are newer top-of-the line buildings with a list of amenities, and state of the art systems. They also have the best infrastructure and generally had the best construction. Class A buildings are well located, easily accessible, and professionally managed. Everything about this classification screams high in quality. If you’re looking to impress, definitely get you an office space inside of a Class A building. A good example of a Class A building would be the 110 Tower in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Within the 110 Tower you can find Empire Executive Offices. The 110 Tower offers several amenities such as, indoor gym, security, and a building shuttle to name a few.

Class B Buildings

Class B buildings fall a tad bit short from Class A buildings, but with a little renovations here and there it can be squared away into a Class A building in no time. This building class has good quality management, tenants, and well-maintained. Though Class B buildings are generally older, they’re the “go-to” for investors. Class B buildings don’t offer as much amenities nor do they scream high quality. if you’re looking to impress, have everything at your fingertips, and have reliable technologies, you’re best bet is going with a Class A building.

Class C Buildings

Lastly, Class C buildings are the lowest classification a building can have. These buildings are very old and their location area is not very desirable. Extensive renovations usually accompany this kind of building due to outdated infrastructure and technologies. Due to these setbacks, Class C buildings typically take a longer time to lease, and have the lowest rental rate. However, do you really want to sacrifice quality for quantity?

Knowing what these 3 classifications mean can determine which office space you go with. It’s essential to have a luxurious look at an affordable cost. Take a look at Empire Executive Offices’s availability, and obtain the office space of your dreams! CLICK HERE for a virtual tour of Empire’s office spaces and facilities.