Reasons Startups Need Office Space

Reasons Startups Need Office Space

Having a startup business can be very risky and expensive. Many startups begin in co-working spaces to save an extra buck or two. However, most startup companies don’t need a co-working space, but in fact, an office space. This may sound barbaric to you at first, but below you’ll find reasons that’ll be sure to give you a different perspective!

Talent Acquisition

Once a startup company has an office space, it expresses its presence in their market, location, and communicates its brand. More people will be attracted to your startup business. Not only clients, and potential investors, but also, talented individuals who would love to work for your company. These same talented and dedicated individuals are looking for an appealing, calm, and impressionable space that they can feel proud of and say “Yes, I work there”. There’s a reason why top brand companies such as Google, Groupon, and Carbon Black to name a few, design their office space with many amenities, great looks, and comfort. Employee satisfaction means growth in productivity. If you choose top of the notch, you’ll attract top of the notch. The difference between success and failure are the ideas that come when brainstorming with your employees.

Impress! Trust! Grow!

“Life is a first impression. You get one shot at it.” – J.R. Rim

Furthermore, having an office space will impress potential investors, clients, and partners rather than meeting up at your local coffee shop. Most investors and clients trust brands/companies with an actual physical office. Office space is the way to go if you’re looking to present a more professional outlook and services. If there’s no trust, there’s no referrals. No referrals, means no new clients. No new clients mean loss in investors.¬†Bottom line is, you’ll receive trust from clients and everyone else you’re doing business with by having an office space right off the bat!

Work-Life Balance

Lastly, having a good work-life balance is extremely important, both as an employee and the owner of a new startup.¬†Office space can be one of the main factors that determine how your teams work together and share information. Socializing, communication, and teamwork are the heart of business productivity. For some, coworkers even become life long friends. Boosting employee’s social life (at work) can lead to benefits that will make your employees happy! In return, the happier they are, the more productive they will be. That also goes for you, as the startup entrepreneur! Your office space will define the office culture, office happiness, and office productivity! As a result, both you and your employees/investors/clients, will feel pride for choosing your startup. Loyalty also will come along.

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