Shared Office Space: Rising Trend

It’s no secret that traditional office spaces are the most common types of offices that many go with. Moreover, people often feel smothered and burned out by always working in the same environment. The solution is quite simple. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, then you need a Shared Office Space.

Shared Office Spaces: A Force On The Rise

In the recent years, shared office space has rapidly grown into the office space market. This has allowed many business owners, entrepreneurs, and even workers to have more freedom and better life-work balance! It’s reported that from 2017 to 2018, there was a 50% increase in co-working square footage in the total office space market. Shared spaces aren’t entirely new. They’ve become more popular and have set their footprint on the office space market. Therefore, there’s an increase of independent workers, greater corporate flexibility allowing remote working, and more companies looking for more flexibility with the space they occupy.

Additionally, shared co-working spaces have been dramatically evolving from their traditional business model. Shared office spaces are now including amenities due to their rapid increase in the office market. They’re building out the spaces and provide many amenities. These amenities include, phones, internet access, furniture, mail, concierge services, exercise/entertainment facilities, and kitchens. Clients now have full control of what they want from their chosen space. With the ability to lease a shared space daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly! On the bright side Empire Executive Offices is a great office space where the amenities mentioned, and much more, are provided.

Bottom line, shared spaces that allow co-working have been on the rise! Shared spaces have inevitable long-term growth, despite it being in its early stages of development. Shared co-working spaces provide everything clients want. Click here to view Empire Executive Offices’ shared spaces, top of the line amenities, and more!