5 Ways To Improve Your Remote Work Experience


Working from home is easy, isn’t it? That’s what people think who have never done it but the fact is that it’s very challenging, especially if it’s your first time doing it. The coronavirus pandemic has created this scenario for millions of people who now must make adjustments to working from home for the first time in their lives. After the first few days, you start to realize that this isn’t as easy as you would have expected it to be, in fact, it’s even harder than getting work done at the office. Why is that? Why are you experiencing more stress than when you are at the office?

Ideas to Become More Productive During Remote Work


There are a few factors including the fact that you are not present at the office so your boss can only see the work that you are producing. This doesn’t include phone calls, emails and so forth. Another problem or challenge is the distractions you now have including the television, family, your couch or bed and eating. Yes, eating is a major distraction when you are working from home because you can now plan a great big lunch instead of the usual one you commit to. Here are five ways to improve your work from home experience and increase productivity:

1. Routines are key: If you are used to waking up at seven, eating lunch at one, leaving work at five and eating dinner at seven then keep that schedule. The more you stick to your routines the more natural things will feel.

2. Make a schedule each day: Don’t approach every day with a wonder of what needs to be done, have a plan. If you write articles, make sure you have it listed out throughout the day so that you know what’s needed to be done and you are not looking for things to do. This will also remind you that you have a lot of work to do and help you to stick with the schedule.

3. Get the hard stuff done earlier in the day: If you can, save meetings for the afternoon and spend the morning working on things that you need to focus on more directly. Afternoon meetings are easier because everyone is a bit lower on energy and talking is going to be less of a challenge than doing paperwork.

4. Keep your phone on silent: Your phone can be near you if your boss or someone else needs to reach you. However, you do not need to know about every text message and Facebook post the second it comes in so keep your phone on silent.

5. Keep distractions away as long as possible: Along with your phone, make sure that you are not wasting your time with the television on. In fact, a good rule is to not turn the television on during the day at all. Once it’s on, it usually will not shut off.

These are some examples of things that you can do to improve your efforts throughout the day and get more work done, especially if you are new to the experience and need to keep up with a hectic work pace like you usually do at the office. This will help you to stay on schedule and get the work done without falling behind.