Everyone at Empire is friendly and extremely professional.  I love it here.  You are all great!

Peggy C.

We have been tenants at Empire for over a year.  The facility is beautiful, well-cared for, and makes a great impression on clients.  The staff is very professional and could not be nicer or more accommodating.

Scott G.

I am an attorney with a solo-practice that concentrates on federal and state criminal defense.  I have leased office space from Empire since November of 2015, and I am thoroughly satisfied with the experience.  The Empire office space has exceeded all my expectations.

The office space is beautiful, clean, and professional.  Visiting clients always comment to me how impressed they are with the office.  I have been able to run my practice without any problems whatsoever.  Also, and perhaps most important, management has been easy and great to work with.

If you are a practicing attorney looking for office space, I highly recommend that you consider leasing space with Empire.  I have no doubt that you will be satisfied.

Deric Z.

I have been a virtual tenant of Empire Executive Offices since April, 2016. I have to say that it has been a wonderful experience from the beginning. From the moment you step off the elevator you are greeted by its very professional and courteous staff. Empire’s Ft. Lauderdale location is conveniently located in front of the Broward County Courthouse. Its offices, kitchen and bathrooms are very clean and neatly organized. The conference rooms also have beautiful, modern furniture. I could not be happier with my experience with Empire thus far and would definitely recommend using their services.

Janet A.

The decision to use Empire for my law practice was an easy one. The conference rooms alone and the building are impressive to new clients. It is far superior to the dank, outdated place where I used to rent and conveys a good, professional image to clients. The receptionists are great, and all calls are answered and routed however I choose.

Sean C.

I work as a paralegal for a prestigious criminal attorney with more than 26 years of experience in Federal and State courts. Recently, we moved our office to Empire Executive Offices in Fort Lauderdale. We have had a very positive experience in this new location, the staff is supportive, friendly and kind; and the offices are modern, organized, and clean. They provided us with all furniture we needed to organize our office and the building has an amazing view that makes this place a very enjoyable space to work. Definitely, it was a good choice!

Paula M.

My experience with Empire has been wonderful. They are a professional organization that supports our company’s new business . They are courteous  and professional when they interact with our customers .The communication we receive from Empire is timely and their follow up is fantastic .I would recommend Empire to anyone who needs a professionally  run office space ,they are good for my business.

Andrew J.

Having our office at Empire Executive Offices has been on the of the best decisions made. Going to work is real pleasure. The entire office area is fantastic! It’s clean, modern looking and professional. The staff is always readily available and attentive to help with anything you might need. The manager is always there for you and accommodates your office to your needs. The fact that our company has access to conference rooms, office equipment and services such as printing, faxing, scanning, notary public etc. makes our business run smoothly and effectively. To make things a little better, we also have access to an amazing full kitchen and drinks like coffee and tea. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of office space.

Islei R.

I have had the experience of renting space at Empire office suites this year and I can say that the benefits of having an office there are immeasurable. Empire provides excellent office space and conference rooms as well as available copy and refreshment services. The staff is always helpful and professional. It’s a great place to have your office

Michael C.

We have been tenants of Empire for six months and truly enjoy our working environment. The staff is extremely professional and efficient.  The office space is top “A” rated space and always immaculate.  Empire does not miss a beat with client services.  Our law firm corporate clients regularly compliment us on having such well run and beautiful offices.  Additionally, it has a been a great venue for meeting other professionals and networking.  We never imagined sharing space could be such a great experience. 

Michele P.

I cannot say enough how friendly and professional the staff is at Empire. The rooms are always clean and neat and clients feel welcomed each time they meet me there. I am grateful to have Empire as my safelight office.

Matthew K.