Benefits of Hiring A Phone Answering Service

Your business is starting to grow beyond what you can do on your own, and you are used to doing everything from answering the phone to producing any work or services you offer. Time to consider expanding and you can absolutely hire an internal receptionist to answer the phone, schedule appointments and provide excellent customer service. This is the expectation when you hire someone to help with an overflow of customers but the part that most business owners miss when making this decision is that this is still an additional task since an employee needs training, managing and coaching.

Many business owners assume if you hire someone, they have solved all the problems they were having in the part of the business they hired for. Unknowingly the time you thought you were saving is now used on a different task. Teaching an employee to treat customers like they are owners of the business themselves is exceptionally hard. This is something that must be taught, and this takes time and effort to only find these employees take the skills they have learned with you to another position. Time and money lost.

A simple solution to this is to hire a dedicated phone answering service, the advantages are threefold:

  1. Reliability – Scalability
  2. Save time and money
  3. Access to highly trained professionals
Training and Expenses of Hiring Phone Assistants

Companies dedicated to training and educating their employees in customer service are going to provide a superior advantage over hiring internally. These companies have many employees giving your business the ability to have 100% up-time on the phones, gone are the days of voicemail. These employees are fully trained in following your process or protocol exactly as you request giving your business a consistent appearance increasing your overall prominence in your industry. So as your business expands you continue to have the same presence even with an increased volume of customers.

In truth they simply are specialists at what they do and will not require the additional needs an employee will need like healthcare and days off for birthdays. This is where the true savings come in as there is no need to continue to hire, train and manage. With a phone answering service your business will continually benefit from a reduction in unexpected expenses or situations

Customized Pricing Options of a Phone Answering Service

Most phone answering service companies offer scaled pricing to fit your needs, so your business will not be overpaying for something it does not need. You will have access to potentially many employees on demand, who are fully trained and specialized in the industry. When you compare this to having a full-time employee with health benefits and a salary, it is not even a comparison.