Right now, due to the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people are not sure what to do. They are stuck at home and they are trying to pass the time. Thousands of businesses are shut down, but others are not only staying open but thriving. Businesses that can operate virtually or provided a needed service are doing well and seeing better results from their marketing efforts than in years past, especially in social media. It’s an interesting time to say the least but every business owner wants to make sure of one thing, they are not hurting themselves for the future.

Whether you are open or not, whether you have changed your services or information or not, you need to make sure people are aware. This includes sending out emails, posting on social media, changing your website and even doing a press release. Another thing you want to do is look into hiring a phone answering service, especially if you are open right now. One of the main benefits of a phone answering service is that they can immediately provide callers with the information they need.

Why is that so important? Imagine if someone calls your business to see if you are open and they cannot get through because you are on another call? Now that person thinks you are closed, and you will not get the opportunity to talk to them. They’ve already moved on and called your competitor, costing you a potential new customer.

So, what example does a phone answering service do? They bridge the gap between you and the consumer, ensuring that no call goes unanswered and that the right information is passed along. For example, if someone calls and has questions about how to place an order or schedule something, they can answer those questions while you are working and taking care of the needs of other customers. Even better, the costs are far less than that of hiring someone full-time to handle the calls. This allows you to expand your business temporarily, without having to take on major expenses.