It can be very easy to lose track of time when you are working at home, especially during the COVID-19. You haven’t spent this much time in your house since you were probably a kid during summers. You are constantly being distracted whether it’s your children, the television, the dog or even the neighbors who for some reason have decided that now is the perfect time to treat every day like it’s a beach day and blast loud music and drink because they are out of work but you have more than enough to do.

  • The key is to not procrastinate, do not get sucked into putting things off. Yes, you are lucky because you are one of the people who can work from home but that doesn’t mean you have plenty of time to get done what’s needed. Instead, you need to make sure that you are staying on top of things and getting them done. Here are some ways you can do that:
  • Keep your morning routine: Do not sleep in, whatever you do, wake up at your normal time. You want to sleep in but when you do it ruins your chances for a productive morning. Get up at your normal time so that you can get to work at your normal time.
  • Don’t give into distractions: Your television, doing the dishes, talking on the phone or reading that book you haven’t touched in 4 years are all distractions you need to avoid so that you can focus on work.
  • Social media and news are not good forms of information: Your mind is telling you it’s ok to have the news on o be on social media so that you know everything that’s going on. Don’t do that, keep them off so that you can work.
  • Eat a sandwich or salad: If you meal prep when you go to work or eat a salad from a local spot, keep eating that Do not turn a simple lunch into a banquet. You will not be able to get back to work after eating a large meal and spend more time on the couch then at your computer.

It can be challenging to stay active and productive when you are working from home but these tips should help you to accomplish just that.