The Coronavirus Pandemic has caused a global uproar and economic halt. People are forced to have more health awareness, social-distancing awareness, and income to debt awareness. But, when’s the last time you have re-evaluated the co-working space you are currently in? Are they flexible enough to remain focused on the task at hand: to provide small businesses with flexible, well-positioned support through unprecedented economic times? The kind of workspace you end up choosing may make the difference between business profits/losses.

Businesses need to adapt and overcome our current circumstances and become more flexible to deal with short-term economical recovery, but at the same time, set themselves up for competitive long term recovery. Strong, long-term, low-disruption office space will allow businesses to thrive with their support. With various remote, on-site, and on-the-go workspaces to choose from, the flexibility need can be found all in one spot!

Working remotely during this social crisis? Empire Executive offices has all the needed capabilities and more, to support remote functions. From video conferencing to remote mail collections, we have got your business covered.

Working from Home isn’t for you? Well at Empire, we have turn-key ready private offices in Fort Lauderdale and in North Miami for a single-person or multi-person options. Need it a day, week, month, or permanently, we got you covered! Rest assured, Empire is taking all health precautions required by CDC and local/governmental guidelines. A quiet, private and comfortable home away from home!

To build a strong house, a strong foundation is required. Choosing a shared space that will remain in the long run and isn’t just trying to make a quick buck can really make the difference between success and roadblocks.