How Empire Executive Offices Is Helping Independent Professionals During Coronavirus


Independent professionals like attorneys, accountants, insurance agents and claims adjusters have a common trend, they cannot have high overhead costs and they need a place to work and meet with clients. The coronavirus pandemic has certainly changed things and created more challenges for business owners of all sizes. A great example is attorneys who saw the majority of their clients have to push back important meetings and dates and rearrange plans they had for signings and settlements. It’s something that impacted everywhere in the world and it cannot be overlooked. However, when you see how the pandemic has hit different professions, you may also notice how businesses have worked together to get back on track and a great example of that is with Empire Executive Offices in South Florida, including in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas.

Short-Term Leasing Options for Private Offices


Our business thrives on the success of our clients and the coronavirus shutdowns have certainly made things difficult for independent professionals. To help these people make adjustments, Empire Executive Offices has worked hard to provide clients with several services and options to accommodate their needs and monthly budget. These include short-term leasing, private offices with internet, utilities, furniture, 24/7 access and more. The offices are safe, constantly cleaned, follow guidelines for social distancing and can include options for phone answering services and more.

As business owners look for solutions to get back to work, many are seeing the advantages of working remotely, including lowering monthly costs and financial commitments. The ability to address these needs and help businesses not only stay open but thrive once the economy has begun to rebound is something that we take great pride in and are very happy to have provided to our clients. If you are not sure how much longer your business will be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic but you need to be available to your clients in a capacity that does not include working from home, then we are the place to call for more options and additional assistance.