CDC and government officials are all suggesting to practice social distancing and limit close contact with others to protect us from COVID-19. However, some simply do not have the option to work from home. Luckily, you can still practice social distancing while having a private office space. Having a private office space also has many more benefits!

Firstly, the name says it all! Private office space is private. Naturally, no one else would be in that space unless you want them there. Though it goes to say, I think its best that we all keep our private offices’ guests free during this time of social distancing!

Private offices come turn-key ready with everything you need to get your work done and up to date. Also, video conferencing and other online meetings will be facilitated by booking a private office. Lastly, a telephone is a must-have tool during this delicate time. Clients, workers, shareholders/partners all need to feel your commitment to the business and to them. With the above tools, your professionalism will prevail above these difficult and unknown times of economic uncertainty due to COVID-19.

Those who cannot work from home will benefit greatly with a private office. You will have no distractions, and in turn, more focus. It is especially critical to make sure you’ve picked a private office that follows all health guidelines. Ensure regular sanitizing and cleaning takes place in all common areas, bathrooms, and inside of your private office.

Here at Empire Executive Offices, we pride ourselves in helping our family grow and succeed! During these uncertain times, we will give our best efforts to make this easier for you. If you are social distancing, we have your back! With our private offices and our virtual offices, we’ll ensure your business runs just as smooth as you work remotely.